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Earn income and lower taxes by investing in energy

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"Traditionally, only rich people and big companies could afford to invest directly in oil and gas because it was expensive and complicated."

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You will not find these tax benefits in stocks, real estate, or anywhere else


Tax Deductible Intangible Drilling
(first year)


Tax Deductible Tangible Drilling


Tax-Free Depletion Allowance
(production revenue)

Smart energy investing for all

Our platform uses AI to match investors with qualified oil and gas projects, making investing simple, smart, and secure while focusing on sustainable energy opportunities.

High Potential Returns

Tax Advantages

Portfolio Diversification

Energy Portfolio

Manage your energy portfolio

Access and invest in top oil and gas projects, all verified and handpicked for quality. Track your investments easily on our platform and manage your energy portfolio with confidence.

Diversify with direct energy

Strengthen your investment strategy by allocating 10% of your portfolio to direct oil and gas projects. Tap into the potential for robust returns and benefit from significant tax advantages, all while contributing to energy independence and innovation.

What if you allocated 10%
of your portfolio to energy?

tax advantages

Investments in oil and gas can offer tax advantages, like deductions that can lower taxable income.

Intangible Drilling Costs: 100% tax deductible

Tangible Drilling Costs: 100% tax deductible (5-7years)

Depletion Allowance: 15% of production revenue is tax-free

Maximizing returns

Direct investment in oil and gas has historically shown strong performance, often outpacing traditional stock market.


Upstream oil and gas have historically had returns from 15 to 20%.


S&P 500 index has returned a historic annualized average return.

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Energy Proejcts

Recent opportunities

Diverse investment types, including shale gas extraction, natural gas processing, renewable energy integration in oil fields, and small-scale oil production, each with unique returns and advantages.

Shale Gas Exploration Project in Texas

Shale gas extraction using horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

Expected return: 15-20% annually

Renewable Energy Integration in Oil Fields

Implementation of solar and wind energy solutions in existing oil fields.

Expected return: 8-12% annually

Small-Scale Independent Oil Production

Small-scale oil extraction project. Direct investment in extraction and production.

Expected return: 15-25% annually

Investment in Oil and Gas Pipeline Infrastructure:

Financing the expansion, upgrade, and maintenance of pipeline networks, crucial for efficient and safe transportation of oil and gas.

Expected return: 8-12%

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Techniques in Mature Fields

Implementing advanced EOR methods in established fields to increase extraction efficiency.

Expected return: 10-15%

Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Processing Facility

Development of an NGL processing plant Investment in Marcellus Shale region, Pennsylvania.

Expected return: 12-18% annually

What Investors say

Earning royalties every month with tax saving

Oil and gas investments are tangible and backed by real assets, setting them apart from more speculative investments.

Ronald Richards


The demand for energy is universal and enduring, which provides a solid foundation for investment in the sector.

Ronald Richards


Investing in oil and gas provides not just the potential for significant returns but also portfolio diversification which is crucial in today's market.

Ronald Richards


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