Energy Innovation

Our company connects investors with diverse energy projects, from oil and gas to renewables, through a user-friendly platform that simplifies investment in the dynamic energy market, promoting portfolio diversification.

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Good reasons to invest in energy

Startup revolutionizing the energy investment landscape by democratizing access to direct energy projects.

Lots of Experience

Our startup, backed by years of extensive experience in the energy sector, securely connects investors to direct oil and gas projects, showcasing a track record of expertise and reliability.

365 Support

We provide year-round, comprehensive support, ensuring secure and informed access to direct oil and gas investment opportunities, reflecting our commitment to investor success and satisfaction.

U.S. Energy Independence

Contributing significantly to the USA's energy independence. We leverage our established credibility to offer American investors impactful and sustainable investment opportunities in energy.

Expert-backed stability

Investing in U.S. energy has been widely recognized as a smart choice, supported by the sector's performance and the country's ongoing commitment to energy innovation.

Energy Market

Tapping into US energy market growth with Fieldvest

$50 b+

U.S. energy investment annually

$333 b+

Annual profit for energy investors

9k +

U.S. O&G producers

Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We've got the answers

What is Fieldvest and how does it work?

Fieldvest is an investment platform that connects investors with opportunities to invest in U.S. oil and gas projects. It works by allowing individuals to directly invest in selected energy projects, offering both income returns and potential tax benefits. The platform facilitates the investment process, providing detailed information about each project to help investors make informed decisions.

How can investing in Fieldvest lower my taxable income?

Investing in oil and gas projects through Fieldvest can lower your taxable income due to specific tax deductions allowed in the energy sector, such as intangible drilling costs (IDCs) and depletion allowances. These deductions can significantly reduce the amount of income subject to federal taxation.

What kind of returns can I expect from investing in US oil and gas projects through Fieldvest?

Returns on investments in oil and gas projects can vary based on market conditions, the specific project, and other factors. Historically, the sector has offered strong returns compared to other investment types, but like all investments, it carries risk. Fieldvest aims to select projects with high potential for profitable returns, but it’s important to review each project's details for specific return expectations.

Is investing in oil and gas projects through Fieldvest risky?

All investments carry risk, and oil and gas projects are no exception. Risks include market volatility, environmental regulations, and operational challenges. However, Fieldvest endeavors to mitigate these risks by carefully selecting and vetting projects, offering a diverse range of investment opportunities to spread risk.

How does Fieldvest select and verify its energy projects?

Fieldvest uses a rigorous selection process to choose energy projects. This involves thorough due diligence, including reviewing the project's financials, management team, operational plan, compliance with regulations, and environmental impact. The platform aims to include only projects that meet high standards of potential profitability and ethical operation.

Can anyone invest through Fieldvest, or do I need to be an accredited investor?

Fieldvest primarily caters to accredited investors, which are individuals who meet certain income or net worth criteria as defined by financial regulators. This is due to the nature of the investments and regulatory requirements.

How does investing in oil and gas projects contribute to U.S. energy independence?

By investing in domestic oil and gas projects, Fieldvest supports the U.S. energy sector, reducing reliance on foreign oil. This not only contributes to national energy independence but also helps stabilize local markets and create domestic jobs.

What is the minimum investment required to participate in a project on Fieldvest?

The minimum investment amount varies by project. Fieldvest aims to offer a range of projects with different minimum investment levels to accommodate various investor capabilities.

How does Fieldvest ensure compliance with environmental regulations?

Environmental compliance is a key criterion in Fieldvest’s project selection process. The platform only includes projects that adhere to state and federal environmental laws and regulations, ensuring responsible and sustainable investment opportunities.

What support does Fieldvest offer to its investors?

Fieldvest provides comprehensive support to its investors, including access to detailed project information, investment tracking, and customer service for any inquiries or assistance needed. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and informative, ensuring a seamless investment experience.

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